• Game of Thrones vs. Trump

    Stacy J. Grossmman

    HBO's response to a tweet by Trump teaches us how to take advantage of the immediacy of social media to manage trademarks and reputations....more

  • Important Changes to Canadian Trademark Law - Effective June 2019

    Stacy J. Grossman

    Significant changes to Canadian trademark law will come into effect on June 17, 2019. These changes will impact businesses and individuals who own Canadian trademark registrations and pending applications, and who are considering new applications in Canada between now and then....more

  • GDPR and Brexit - A Few Things U.S. Businesses and Brand Owners Need to Know

    Stacy J. Grossman

    I try hard to share news that is fun and informative. I’m not sure how fun this is, but it’s a must read if you do business with European citizens, and if you own European trademarks. ...more

  • Gynocologists Not Confusing With Rap Artists

    Stacy J. Grossman

    The Trademark Office held that DR. DRE (rap artist) is not confusingly similar to DR. DRAI (gynecologist)....more

  • .app Top Level Domain Open for Registration

    Stacy J. Grossman

    If you have a brand, then you might want to register your bright and early on May 8 - before someone else does. ...more

  • Beware of Misleading Requests for Payment of Trademark Fees

    Stacy J. Grossman

    After filing an application to register a trademark, you may receive an official-looking document, either by snail mail or e-mail, that calls for the payment of fees. If this document does not come from the United States Trademark Office or your attorney, beware: it is likely a solicitation from an unscrupulous business looking for a quick profit....more