• Monkey Business - Copyright in Photographs

    Stacy J Grossman

    I'm frequently asked whether it's ok to copy a picture found on the Internet, and use it on a website, or in a newsletter. My answer is always the same: "not unless you have permission."...more

  • Kylie vs. Kylie: A Celebrity SmackDown

    Stacy J Grossman

    While the Trademark Office can stop Jenner from getting a trademark registration, it can't prevent her from actually using her name. Minogue would have to bring a federal lawsuit to achieve that goal. I'm not sure Minogue would win, but it sure would be good fodder for the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians....more

  • Copyright Reigns in Gotham City

    Christoffer Stromstedt

    In time for Halloween, we thought we’d highlight this story from late September, involving the Batmobile and copyright litigation, both scary things.

    When you think of creative works that are protected by copyright, you may think of a movie, song or book. There are also less obvious examples of copyrightable works, however, such as the software code underlying this website, and fictional characters....more

  • Shall We Meet at Lowe's or Loews? Trademark Confusion on 68th Street

    Stacy J Grossman

    It is possible for multiple parties to adopt the same or similar marks, so long as they are used for different products and services, and/or so long as the respective trademark owners consent to co-existence. Case in point: the newly opened Lowe's home improvement store and the Loews movie theater, steps away from each other on the upper west side of NYC....more

  • Register Your Trademark in Cuba

    Stacy J Grossman

    Alert: Register your trademark in Cuba....more

  • Five Big IP Considerations for Growing Businesses

    Stacy J Grossman

    If your business has been growing, you should likely take a fresh look at your IP strategy. The initial steps taken by start-ups are likely not sufficient to protect the intellectual assets of your business now. This article looks at five big IP considerations for growing businesses....more