• Trademark Profiteering

    Stacy J Grossman

    We like to think of the United States as the land of opportunity, and especially hospitable to entrepreneurs. We like to think that anyone with vision and drive can become a successful businessperson. Sometimes, however, vision and drive can take a distasteful turn, especially when seeming entrepreneurs attempt to capitalize on terror attacks and national tragedies....more

  • Charlie Hebdo and The First Amendment

    Stacy J Grossman

    Yesterday’s attack in Paris is upsetting and frightening because it wasn’t a random act of terrorism: people were targeted and executed for exercising their right to free expression. As a result, free speech around the world has been and will continue to be chilled. ...more

  • The Interview: Cyber Attacks and The First Amendment

    Stacy J Grossman

    The fallout from a massive cyber attack on Sony in November escalated tremendously this week. After exposing embarrassing emails and confidential company information, the hackers threatened to attack cinemas slated to show the film The Interview. Sony decided not to release the film - raising big First Amendment concerns....more

  • Frozen - An IP Fairy Tale

    Stacy J Grossman

    On this especially cold day in the Northeast, my thoughts are on the coming winter. And winter reminds me of the cold, and of feeling frozen. And the word frozen reminds me of Disney’s Frozen, the highest-grossing animated film of all-time ...more

  • Trademark Prosecution 101

    Stacy J Grossman

    Trademark Prosecution 101 - What is Involved and How Long Does It Take?...more

  • Gaye Don't Got To Give It Up

    Stacy J Grossman

    A fun look at a copyright infringement lawsuit over Pharrell and Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines....more