• GDPR and Brexit - A Few Things U.S. Businesses and Brand Owners Need to Know

    Stacy J. Grossman

    I try hard to share news that is fun and informative. I’m not sure how fun this is, but it’s a must read if you do business with European citizens, and if you own European trademarks. ...more

  • Gynocologists Not Confusing With Rap Artists

    Stacy J. Grossman

    The Trademark Office held that DR. DRE (rap artist) is not confusingly similar to DR. DRAI (gynecologist)....more

  • .app Top Level Domain Open for Registration

    Stacy J. Grossman

    If you have a brand, then you might want to register your bright and early on May 8 - before someone else does. ...more

  • Beware of Misleading Requests for Payment of Trademark Fees

    Stacy J. Grossman

    After filing an application to register a trademark, you may receive an official-looking document, either by snail mail or e-mail, that calls for the payment of fees. If this document does not come from the United States Trademark Office or your attorney, beware: it is likely a solicitation from an unscrupulous business looking for a quick profit....more

  • Grumpy Cat: Pet Influencer, Prevailing Plaintiff in Copyright Lawsuit

    Stacy J. Grossman

    Tarder Sauce, a/k/a Grumpy Cat, might wear a permanent scowl, but she has reason to be happy today. 710,001 reasons, to be precise....more

  • Who Knew Fighting Genericide Could Be Such Fun?

    Stacy J. Grossman

    It’s hard to believe, but a video made by the legal team at Velcro has gone viral – amassing nearly 300,000 views in less than two days. That means nearly 300,000 people now know about genericide, which is what happens when a brand loses its ability to function as a trademark....more