Client Spotlight: Keep America Beautiful

In my work as a lawyer, I have the great privilege of working with inspirational individuals and businesses. As we’re navigating work and life during this uncertain time, I thought it would be nice to profile some of my clients (with their permission, of course). I hope to promote their work and introduce you to some interesting content, services and products that you might be able to enjoy now, from wherever you are.

Keep America Beautiful was founded in 1953, in reaction to the growing problem of litter that followed the construction of interstate highways. In its early years, Keep America Beautiful ran many impactful public service announcements.

Since then, Keep America Beautiful has been fiercely committed to building and maintaining clean, green and beautiful spaces. It offers a variety of programs designed to end littering, improve recycling and beautify communities. Keep America Beautiful’s most well-known initiatives include Great American Cleanup and America Recycles Day, though the organization does so much more. Together with nearly 700 affiliate groups around the country comprised of millions of volunteers, Keep America Beautiful has achieved truly remarkable results. In 2019 alone, Keep America Beautiful and its affiliates:

– collected 66 million pounds of litter,

– cleaned and improved 7,000 miles of rivers, lakes, shorelines and wetlands,

– cleaned, improved or beautified 60,000 miles of streets, roads and highways, and

– marshalled 12 million hours of volunteerism.

In the midst of coronavirus, Keep America Beautiful is reminding everyone of the need to properly dispose of trash, especially cleaning supplies, sanitizing wipes, masks and plastic gloves. Not only is such waste dangerous to the environment, but it potentially exposes others to disease.

We can all use this time to appreciate the beauty of our communities, and do our part to continue recycle and (carefully) get rid of litter.

I encourage you to learn more about Keep America Beautiful and its amazing work, and to support the organization when you can.

Take good care, and #FlattenTheCurve