Client Spotlight: Radio Ambulante

In my work as a lawyer, I have the great privilege of working with inspirational individuals and businesses. As we’re navigating work and life during this uncertain time, I thought it would be nice to profile some of my clients (with their permission, of course). I hope to promote their work and introduce you to some interesting content, services and products that you might be able to enjoy now, from wherever you are.

If you enjoy podcasts, if you’re interested in Latin American culture and news, if you speak or want to learn Spanish, and if you love great stories, then you must know about Radio Ambulante!

Since 2012, Radio Ambulante has been using long-form audio journalism to tell neglected and under-reported Latin American and Latino stories. Since 2016, this award winning podcast has been distributed by National Public Radio (NPR). The journalists at Radio Ambulante cover more than 20 countries, and are hailed as the best audio storytellers in Spanish.

In 2019, Radio Ambulante had more than 5 million downloads, and is growing every month.

Last year, Radio Ambulante launched Lupa, an app that uses the Radio Ambulante podcast to teach Spanish to learners.

Radio Ambulante just launched El Hilo (“The Thread” in English), a new podcast that offers, in Spanish, a deep understanding of news from Latin America. It will also address global issues like coronavirus, climate change and the US Presidential election, with a Latin American perspective. While there are a lot of people with an interest in Latin American news, there isn’t always a lot of deep news coverage, especially in the audio market. EL HILO will fill that gap, providing in-depth coverage of events in the LatAm region.

Radio Ambulante’s podcasts are free, and you can also enjoy a free trial of the Lupa app to learn Spanish. As many of us are sheltering in place, now is the perfect time to gain new perspective and take advantage of Radio Ambulante’s wonderful stories and news coverage.

Take good care, and let’s continue to flatten the curve.

Tenga mucho cuidado y continuemos aplanar la curva.