USPTO Announces Substantial Increases to Many Filing Fees, Effective January 2, 2021

Effective January 2, 2021, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will increase its fees for trademark applications, post-registration maintenance filings, and certain filings with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB).

A complete list of the fee increases is set forth in the Final Rule, available here.

Fee changes for the some of the more common submissions include the following:

  • Standard trademark application electronic submission: $350 per class (increase from $275 per class)
  • Section 8 or 71 Declarations of Use: $225 per class (increase from $125 per class)
  • New $250 per class fee for deleting goods, services, and/or classes from a registration after filing a Declaration of Use but before it is accepted
  • Petition to the Director: $250 (increase from $100)
  • Petition to revive an abandoned application: $150 (increase from $100)
  • New $50 fee for letter of protest per application
  • Notice of opposition: $600 per class (increase from $400 per class)
  • Petition to cancel: $600 per class (increase from $400 per class)

If you are considering filing a new trademark application or maintaining an existing registration, you may want to file your submission before the end of 2020. Importantly, if you own a registration with a lengthy list of goods or services that are not sold or rendered in the United States, you may wish to file amendments in advance of the deadline for a declaration of use, since there is a new fee for deleting goods and services at the time of the statutory filing.  And if you are preparing to file new trademark applications, you should consider proceeding before the end of the year.